30 Ultimate Romance Tips for Men Who Are Not Romantic

Updated: Feb 24, 2023
By Maryam Olaitan Ajibike
Romantic tips for men
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Over time I have come to realize that the actions, feelings, attitudes, and behavior we portray to the people we love can be summed up in one word; ROMANCE. Now, let’s take a look at what the term “romantic” means; being romantic is about demonstrating your love and commitment in a way that’s deliberate, obvious, and incredibly tender.

Romance frequently entails grand gestures, though it can also take the form of a subtler sign of enduring affection.  

However, it is imperative to note that not everyone can be as romantic as required, some do not even understand the need to show affection or why some people yearn for such affection.

You need to know that there are many men out there who are not romantic or rather do not know how to be romantic. They have never for once seen the need to be all “lovey-dovey” to their partner and most of them do not even try, which makes them unromantic. 

Before we go too far, I would like every man reading this article to take a step back, stop reading for a while and go back to the title again; “romance tips for men who are not romantic”.

Yes, you are in love with this lady and you can go to any length for her, but the truth is that you cannot be tagged as being romantic because there are certain things you need to put in place for you to be tagged as a romantic. You need to understand that it’s not just about saying the three magic words ‘I love you’, you need to act on them too.

Romance is a thing that men forget is important in a relationship. They love but they can’t handle the thought of being romantic. Yet, my ladies, you will agree with me that there is nothing more romantic than holding hands with someone willing to go through life with you. 

A loving kiss and a heart-to-heart conversation are the soulmates of any relationship which always keeps it looking new. So, if you are a man who is in dire need of romance tips to help boost your relationship or you are a lady who knows that your man needs help in improving his romance department, this article about 30 romance tips is all you need. 

This article will focus on some romance tips for men who are not romantic but should become one if their relationship has gone too long without it.

Before we dive into the romance tips, I would like to add that, there is no such thing as the right way to be romantic and there is also no such thing as the wrong way to be romantic. Romance should be about how comfortable you feel expressing your love to that special someone in your life.

It doesn’t matter if it is on the first date, on her birthday, on valentines’ day, or even after a million dates, romance should be a “must do” every time you get the opportunity to be with that special someone in your life. 

Romance doesn’t have to be something big, it also doesn’t have to cost money as there are a lot of romantic gestures you can portray without breaking the bank, as long as it means something to the person you are sharing it with and it comes straight from your heart, then it’s worth it. 

So, let’s go straight into those romance tips I promised you and I am sure that at the end of this article, you will realize that you do have some level of inherent romance in you that needs to be awakened.

Romance Tips for Men Who Are Not Romantic

1. Believe in Romance

Before you even start to indulge yourself in all the numerous romance tips out there, you need to believe in romance, you need to believe that romance does exist and has the power to strengthen your relationship and make it as fun as possible. 

You most definitely believe in love, which is why you went in search of that special person in the first place. So, I ask, why don’t you believe in romance? Do you think that loving someone is enough on its own to make the relationship work? I believe that love without actions (romance) only sustains for a while, so you have to believe in romance and make effort to show it.

2. Plan Surprises

I’m speaking on behalf of all the females out there when I advise planning fantastic surprises for your girlfriend. It’s not necessary to prepare a major surprise or to wait till she has a birthday or a significant event to surprise her. Little surprises might make a big difference in your relationship with her.

3. Give Gifts

Whether it’s a large or tiny gift, as long as it comes from the heart, your girlfriend will enjoy it. Giving gifts is a romance tip that will go a long way.

4. Romantic Gestures

Guys, if you want to be as romantic as you can, you need to know how to show some romantic gestures like; opening the door for her, carrying her luggage, ensuring that she walks on the inner side of the road, holding the door for her to walk through and many more.

Trust me, you can never go wrong with romantic gestures, those things you see as unnecessary and tiny are what make the relationship more romantic.

5. Romantic Note

Another romance tip on this list, which is by far the easiest to do is, to let your girl know you’re interested in her through the use of a romantic note. A romantic note demonstrates your concern and desire to please her in addition to serving as a present. 

Giving her a romantic letter lets her know that you’re thinking of her, lets her know that you value the things she does for you and that you want to make sure she knows how much you care by showering her with gifts that express your gratitude for all she has done. 

A romantic note is a particular sort of statement that encourages an emotional bond between partners. Give your loved ones a romantic note as a gift; this heartfelt act can transform everything.

6. Help Out with Her Work

Guys, always try to help your woman with her work, this would show how caring you are, which in turn shows you are romantic.

7. Create A Romantic Getaway

Planning a romantic getaway can boost your relationship up. It doesn’t have to be to an exotic place, just the idea of an alone weekend with your woman would make her feel special and loved.

8. Make Dinner

Do you realize how romantic it is to make dinner for your partner? Imagine bringing her dinner while she likely tries to relax after a stressful day. It can be exhausting, but you should also be aware that it is exhausting for her as well, even though she makes sure you have dinner on the table. So, prepare that dinner today and make her happy.

9. Plan Date Nights

To become that romantic person you want to be in your relationship, you need to take out time to plan date nights with your special person. Develop the habit of planning spontaneous outings, this would help to strengthen your relationship.

10. Cuddle 

Learn to hug like a dog, goes the proverb. This adage is accurate because you must learn how to cuddle with your wife. Not only do women require embrace at difficult times, but also whenever they simply want to feel close to their lover. This is a romance tip you need to spice up your relationship.

11. Know Her Favorite Things

As a guy, you need to develop a mental list of what your spouse enjoys, her favorite things should be in the back of your palm. Knowing her preferences will help you prepare ahead to make her pleased.

12. Treat Her Like a Queen

Learn to treat your spouse differently from how you treat any other woman around you. Your woman shouldn’t have to plead to be treated well; she should be treated like the queen that she is. I believe that this is a romance tip that every man should know.

13. Be a Tender Lover

Be a tender lover, be gentle, don’t yell when angry, and try to use your words gently to convey your emotions.

14. Be a Good Listener

Learn to listen to your woman always, listen and give the little advice you can give.

15. Don’t Be Shy to Express Yourself

Being romantic may sound like it’s only for women, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re not comfortable with getting all sappy with your partner, don’t be shy to express yourself to be romantic. 

A lot of men just don’t know how to express themselves because they think they’ll come off as weird or that they have nothing interesting or unique to say.

But if you want your woman to feel loved and taken care of, then showing her that she’s special and that she makes you feel good will make her love you more and want to spend more time with you (which means more intimacy). 

So, one romance tip I’m sure will be helpful is to not be timid; after all, you are a man. Your ideal girlfriend would appreciate you for who you are, not simply for the romantic side you wish to display. Tell her how you truly feel instead, and let her know that you adore her.

16. Make Out Time

We are all guilty of this, always busy with one thing or the other and I don’t blame us, it’s how the world is, everything is going so fast that we hardly have time for our loved ones, always finding means of survival. 

Sometimes even when we are out, we are only there physically not emotionally and we are always on our phones, trying to not get lost in all the activities happening. When you’re out with your partner, always try to make out time. 

I’m serious. You and your partner can have unwinding time, but because we have duties to fulfill as a couple and everyone is busy, sometimes it’s hard to schedule a time when both of you can be alone together without distractions. 

However, if you make time, oftentimes your partner will be more willing to give up their daily activities just so they can spend some quality time with you – even if they feel tired or busy.

17. Call Her

Call your wife or girlfriend now. Yes, we realize you’re struggling to get by at work and there isn’t time, but you need to make time for the call. The call doesn’t have to last too long; it can last about 10 seconds. Try to call as much as you can, this will let her know that even in your hectic schedule, you are still thinking of her.

18. Say ‘I Love You the Right Way

Another romance tip I would like to share with you is, knowing how to say ‘I love you’ without saying it. There is this old saying “you can’t even tell if a man is romantic by his actions and words”, which I believe is true. 

However, you can tell a lot by the way he says I love you if he loves you. Guys, always say ‘I love you the right way’ to your woman because this will tell her that there is nothing more important in your life than her and that everything else comes second. 

While doing so, you should always make sure that your words are meaningful and sincere, because words said with sincerity are always worth listening to or repeating.

19. Don’t Be Boring

Nobody wants a boring boyfriend or a boring husband, so try your possible best to not be boring. There are tons of things to do to spice up your relationships, games to play when you are alone at home, and beautiful places to visit when you are out. And as long as you are in it for the right reasons, having conversations with your loved one shouldn’t be an issue.

20. Learn How to Kiss

What’s romance without a good kiss? You know the answer already, why then are you stuck at being terrible at kissing?

21. Look at Her Eyes

One of the most romantic things to do is to look intently into your woman’s eyes when she is speaking to you. It demonstrates how intently you are gazing into her soul.

22. Show Your Love in Public

The majority of women enjoy PDA (Public Display of Affection) and won’t hesitate to hold your hands if they feel like it. Additionally, you shouldn’t be embarrassed to hold her hands, kiss her on the forehead, or give her a quick peck when you are out.

It’s not to incite enmity, but rather to express to your girlfriend your pride in her on the inside as much as the outside.

23. Always Compliment Her

Always compliment your woman at any opportunity you get, compliment her hair, what she is putting on, her colon, her smile, compliment everything about her.

24. Listen to What She Likes

This romance tip is similar to knowing her favorite things. You also need to listen to her likes.

25. Try Out Fun Things Together

Trying out fun stuff with your partner is always a good idea. You don’t always have to wait for a date to come up before you try out interesting things with your partner. 

Ideas for enjoyable activities to do with your partner include taking a painting or cooking class together, going bowling or shopping, or simply trying out activities you know will make them happy. One romantic tip you should remember is this.

26. Give Her Attention

Women never grow tired of receiving attention. We want our men to give us all the attention they can muster as frequently as possible.

27. Give Her Something That Comes Straight From The Heart

Giving a woman romantic gifts does not have to be hard. These days, men can give something that comes straight from the heart. There are so many things that you could buy for your girlfriend or wife and make her thank you with a smile.

28. Send Cute Emojis For No Reason

We all have feelings and emotions that we somehow don’t know how to use our words to express them. So, instead of fooling around with your words or sending over flowers and chocolates, why not send emojis? Who doesn’t enjoy receiving adorable emoticons, after all? According to studies, the easiest method to make a female feel romantic is to express her love for her specially, even if it’s simply by sending a lovely emoji.

You might be asking why sending emojis is preferable to simply type your emotions. Emojis are, in fact, straightforward, and silly, and can convey a variety of messages. So, pick up your phone and send that cute heart-shaped emoji or the goofy one, and watch the magic unfold. 

29. Pick Her Up From Work

Another romance tip that you need to learn as you go on in your relationship, is the act of picking up your woman from work. It doesn’t have to be every day but do it when you can, surprise her at work, and offer to be her driver home.

30. Keep the Love Going

Tell her why you fell in love with her and always give her reasons to fall in love with you over and over again.


The first thing that you should ask yourself is; are you doing anything that would make your partner doubt your ability to be a romantic person? If you are, nothing can stop you from becoming romantic and letting the one you love know how special they are. 

However, if you think that it might be hard for you to become a romantic person then I suggest that you retire to the drawing room and strategize some plans for romancing the person. Become an expert on what makes the particular person feel loved and then act accordingly. 

The best way to do this is by studying them, and now you have a chance to even take notes in writing, so find out how they like being treated, how they take their food, how they carry themselves, etc.

Now, with the advent of technology and access to the internet, problems like lack of romance in men can be solved, which makes being a partner to a man less of a challenge.

You can easily search for hangout spots to relax or plan activities to do together to get to know your woman more. There is no need to go outside during stormy days or cold nights, you can stay in your house and still be as romantic as you can get.

I have succeeded in giving you twenty (20) romance tips that would help you become romantic as a man in your relationship, and also for the ladies, you can make use of these romance tips to assist your man in becoming the romantic guy you want him to be.

We need to know that, romance is not limited to women but also extends to men too, men are trying their possible best to be the best they can be to their partner. That being said, 

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

How do I make my man more romantic?

You need to understand that making your man more romantic depends on your ability to speak out your feelings and also appreciate the little effort he makes. If your man tries to be romantic and you don’t appreciate it, it will send a signal that his effort is all for nothing.   

What to do with a man who is not romantic?

No man is created equal, and Rome wasn’t built in a day, therefore it’s necessary to be patient with such a person and offer advice when you find yourself with a man who lacks romantic tendencies.

What kind of romance do guys like?

To put it another way, guys enjoy being lavished with attention.

What kind of romance do ladies like?

Just like the guys, ladies also like to be given attention, gifts, surprises, dates, and all kinds of fun things.


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