20 Fun Things to Do at Home with Your Child in the Holidays

Updated: Feb 24, 2023
By Happiness Hassan
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Holidays offer you the opportunity to build incredible memories by spending quality time with your child. However, during the holidays, hours might seem to move slowly, if you’re bored and have got no fun things to do at home with your child. 

But, don’t get stuck at home with your kids. Make the most of the holiday by engaging in fun activities. In this guide, I will be sharing with you those fun activities you could easily set up and perform at home with your kids. 

Fun Things to Do at Home With Your Child

1. Crack Puzzle

Kids are curious and love to learn new things every day. Keep your kids excited by playing a puzzle game or questions with them. 

What matters most is your presence, don’t let them play all by themselves— join in the fun too.

Also, one way to boost your kid’s creativity is through puzzle questions and games. Solving puzzles enables your kids to think broader and learn new knowledge. 

2. Play Hide and Seek

Spread love and laughter in the air in your home by engaging in the game of hide and seek. I’m sure you enjoyed playing this game when you were much younger, having to hide and have someone look for you and vice versa.

Now you’re a parent and feel you have outgrown it, but, nobody ever said it was meant for just kids. Playing hide and seek with your child is a core way of increasing the love bond between you and your child

This fun game isn’t restricted to the outdoors. You can perform it inside your home which is safer and more secure for your kids. 

Moreover, let your kids know the areas they could hide if you have harmful regions at home like kitchen cupboards, generator garage, and garden implement store room. 

3. Watch a Movie Together

Laughing out loud in a funny sense, clinging to your body at the sight of something exciting, calling you daddy or mom and exclaiming “did you see what just happened”? Sounds cool! 

All these are unforgettable memories you could build with your kids by watching a video together. While watching a movie is one of the fun things to do at home with your child, you should also learn how to manage your kid’s screen time, so your kids can have a wonderful holiday. 

Also, you could join your kids in watching educational TV shows for kids, you will be amazed at the new things you could learn from the show too. 

4. DIY Home Cardboard Decorations

It’s a nice opportunity to get your kids involved in beautifying your home, especially their rooms. There are tons of simple DIY cardboard decorations you could teach your kids—it’s a practical skill that enhances their creativity. 

This is a great way to teach your kids how to make their own decisions, as they can make the choice of color, accessories, and design they love to do. 

Perhaps, if you’re out of ideas for DIY cardboard decorations you could use the help of YouTube videos to get started.

5. Make a Friendship Bracelet

A friendship bracelet does a lot of magic for your relationship with your child. You’re supposed to be your kid’s best friend. This is very vital as it enables you to learn more about your child and your child will be free to communicate all that’s bordering them to you.

You could go shopping together for the items needed such as beads, buttons, beading wire, hooks, and others. This bracelet when worn reminds your kids of you even when they are away from you and vice versa.

6. Clean up the House

The fun things to do at home with your child aren’t restricted to those activities that are easy or make everyone laugh out loud. Fun activities also include household chores. 

Don’t be the only one doing all the chores alone. You teach your kids about responsibility by letting them engage in cleaning up the house. 

Although not all household chores are appropriate for kids, you could still get them engaged by assigning them household chores for kids. 

7. Read a Book Together

Are you in search of how to enhance your child’s academic performance? If yes, then maximize the holidays by reading books. 

The holidays give you the time you never had to teach your kids or assist them in reading their academic books. 

However, reading books should not be limited to their school books. They could broaden their scope of knowledge by reading children’s books that teach them how to become a better version of themselves.

8. Dance Time

Are you bored with your kids at home? That’s not for too long. Catch some fun with your kid by putting on those dancing shoes and turning the music. 

Hey, you don’t have to be a great dancer to engage in these fun things to do at home with your child, just shake your body to the rhythm of the music.

9. Listen to Music

Listening to music goes beyond having fun with your kids, it’s also beneficial to their health. 

Listening to music enhances physical performance by helping the body exhale stress and anxiety and creating a state of mindfulness.

You could also sing along with the music— singing together in and as a group improves mood.

10. Trivia Quizzes

Is there a topic you want your kids to learn more about? Of course, every parent wants their child to advance in knowledge. 

This includes art, music, animals, history, humor, culture, and science. However, you could do it the fun way by engaging in trivia quizzes with your kids. 

This is one of the fun things to do at home with your child that requires you to ask questions related to that specific topic that your kids want to learn about. 

Also, you could spice up the activity by giving prices for every answer gotten correctly. It encourages your child to look forward to more trivia quizzes.

11. Play With Blocks

Kids’ block games offer more than just a passing amusement. In contrast, it gives your child life skills that will benefit them over time.

Block games improve your child’s cognitive skills, problem-solving skills, mathematics and geometry ability, decision-making, science, and self-esteem.

12. Play Board Games

Board games are tabletop games that typically use pieces and are one of the fun things to do at home with your child that are easy to set up and perform. It’s a form of boosting the critical and logical thinking of your child. 

It also enhances teamwork and emotional coordination. These games include chess, monopoly, scrabble, and checkers.

13. Cooking and Baking Together

Cooking can be a lot of fun with your kids around. Spice the holidays by making special meals with your kids.

It’s unsafe to let your child do complex kitchen tasks like cutting with a knife. However, you could allow them to assist you in doing simple, safe tasks. 

Similarly, you could bake alongside your kids and have a mini family meal or a party with what is baked. 

14. Get Gardening

Gardening is one of the fun things to do at home with your child. It’s a great time to teach your child about plants and vegetables as well as their benefits. 

While at it, ensure you instruct your kids on how to use the gardening tools so they don’t get injured.

15. Science Experiment

Your child doesn’t have to put on a lab coat, goggles, or hand gloves and go to the laboratory to try out fascinating facts about science. 

Your kids could learn more about science by practicing simple science experiments at home.

Blowing bubbles is a good start. The biggest bubbles you’ve ever seen can be made by adding a few straightforward chemicals to dish soap solution! While creating these bubble-blowing wands, kids learn about surface tension.

16. Treasure Hunt

You can get your kids feeling like a champion by engaging in a treasure hunt in your home. 

In a safe location in your home, hide treasure which could be pebbles, jewelry, beads, or accessories. Set a time frame while your kids go look for it.

These fun activities enhance problem-solving skills and decision-making in children.

17. Pillow Fight

As simple as a pillow fight might seem, it’s one of the fun things to do at home with your child to rekindle the love. 

Pillow fighting is fun with your kids. However, take precautions that the pillow isn’t made from toxic material or hard material. Also, the pillow should not be hit so hard on each to avoid harm.

18. Face Painting

Experience the beauty of art through face painting with your child. You don’t have to be an artist to try it out. All that’s needed is the required materials and you could get a simple style by watching a couple of YouTube videos.

19. Create a Family Tree

Your child needs to know about his or her family members and family history. Stop wishing you could write a compendium of your family history and pass it on to your child.

Fun things to do at home with your child during the holidays include creating a family tree and getting to tell your kids more about their family.

Also, you could enlighten your kids about fascinating facts about family, hence, they get to see the importance of being a part of a family. 

20. Funny Dressing

Go beyond the limits and let your child dress up in mom and dad’s clothing or even dress in the old-school way— funny right? But that’s where all the fun you need to shake off the boredom during holidays lies. 


To every holiday there is a boring side and a fun side. The choice is up to you to choose. However, the fun side is more profitable, you could make it happen by engaging in the fun things to do at home with your child discussed in this guide.

Don’t forget to take pictures and videos to preserve the priceless memories you and your child built during the holidays. 

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

How do I entertain my bored child at home?

Boredom can’t stand the sight of fun. Therefore, engaging in fun activities such as hide and seek, board games, dancing, and science experiments is a good way to entertain your bored child at home. 

How do I entertain my toddler at home?

Entertaining a toddler could appear difficult for some parents since they are much younger and can’t do a certain fun activity. However, there are fun activities for a toddler to engage in such as pillow fights, watching kid’s shows, dancing, funny dressing, and hide and seek.

How can I have fun with my kids?

Having fun with kids is influenced by your attitude towards them. You might have gotten a series of fun activities to engage in, but it only becomes fun when you’re open, communicative, and friendly with your kids. 

What can kids do on a Sunday at home?

Sundays are a wonderful time of the week when friends and loved ones are likely to come to visit. Therefore, cooking a special dish with your kids to welcome the guest or to have a mini party is a great start. 

How can I keep my kids busy at home?

It’s one thing to keep your kids busy and bored and it’s another thing to keep them busy and entertained. You can keep your kids busy with block games, which equip your child with life skills that will help them in the long run.

What can kids do in their free time at home?

There are a series of activities your kids can engage in during their free time, depending on what works for them. If they want to relax, then listening to music is cool. If they want to boost their creativity, DIY cardboard decorations are recommended.

Perhaps, it’s problem-solving skills they want to enhance, then it’s advisable they go for board games. Kids can also take a nap which is beneficial to their health during their free time. 

How can I be a fun parent?

It begins by having a change of attitude towards your kids. Stop being all strict, be open and friendly. This way your kids can relate better with you and will be ready to have great fun. 

Which activities are best for kids?

 Activities that are best for kids are those activities that improve your child’s cognitive skills, problem-solving skills, academic performance, decisions making, science, and self-esteem. 


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