20 Relationship Tips for Beginners to Make the Relationship Last Longer

Updated: Feb 26, 2023
By Maryam Olaitan Ajibike
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I would like to congratulate you on your newly acquired relationship or maybe it’s an already existing one, either way, congratulations. But it doesn’t end there, in fact the real work just started, you need to know how to build a strong bond with your partner and learn how to make your relationship last longer by applying effective relationship tips.

You would agree with me that it’s always amazing to witness older couples cuddled up in each other’s arms, still enjoying life like they just started the relationship. You can’t help but be amazed when you realize that they have undoubtedly withstood the test of time, patience, and faith. 

One thing we need to understand is that it wasn’t really easy for them to last that long, and it wasn’t a days’ job, it took a lot of effort to get to that stage. We need to know that maintaining or keeping a relationship can be difficult and somehow confusing, as there are a lot of ups and downs, dos and don’ts and sometimes it’s like you just don’t know the person you are with anymore.

It’s like you never stop learning, but the good news is that some people have been married for over 30 years and still don’t fully understand their spouse, so why give up at the beginning of your relationship. I am sure you didn’t give up on your dream course in school because it was difficult at some point, you kept learning until you got a hang of it. Every relationship is unique in its own and you need to figure out the uniqueness of yours to make it work. 

In our world today, what becomes of our relationship solely depends on the efforts we put into it, the dedication and readiness to change with our spouse. You need to understand that there are actions to take to build a healthy long-lasting relationship, regardless of how long you have been dating or how new your relationship is.

So, if you are new in your relationship or you have been in the relationship for a while now, and you are in dire need of relationship tips to help sustain your relationship, this article is all you need. In this article, you will find out about 20 relationship tips that will not only help you build a long-lasting relationship but also help you understand how to stay happy in it.

20 Relationship Tips for Beginners to Make the Relationship Last Longer

1. No Template

You need to understand that in as much as having older couples to look up to in terms of how your relationship should be is important, it is more important to know that every relationship is different and unique in its own way.

Do not try to build your relationship based on what you see people do on the internet or what you hear them say about their relationship.

The first relationship tip I will want you to know is that there is no laid down template as to how a relationship should be, nobody was born with the ability to achieve a strong relationship, we are all doing a trial and error to know which works for us.

So, burn whatever blueprint or script you might have developed, do not even try to plan out things, because there is a probability that things might not work out as you have written it out. Be spontaneous in your relationship and try to be the best version of yourself that you can be for your partner.

2. Communication

I am sure you are familiar with the phrase “communication is key” and I am also sure you know how important it is to every relationship. Communication is as important as love in every relationship.

In fact, there is no relationship without communication, communication is the key to every long-lasting relationship. You need to know how to open up and speak up, when necessary, do not assume that your partner knows everything about you, when you are upset, don’t keep it in and expect an apology.

Talk about all the good and bad times with your partner, this would help strengthen the relationship. Make it a habit to always share your thoughts and ensure that you don’t go to bed with things you should have spoken to your partner about, don’t keep things bottled up for a long time, let it out by communicating.

3. Expand Your Box of Ideas

You need to know that it is normal for people to get bored if the same thing is done over and over again, it’s just like eating the same food for a long time, you will want to get a taste of other delicacies. And if you do not expand the box of ideas in your relationship, your spouse might get bored and uninterested.

It is important to not stay in one stream of ideas, do things that you would normally not do, try out new things to spice up your relationship. Expand the box or break the box and think outside of it, if possible.

4. Be a Good Listener

I am sure you will be wondering why becoming a good listener is part of the relationship tip in this article, since I have mentioned communication earlier. Let me break this down to you as simple as I can, you need to know that some people are great in communicating and terrible at listening, while some are great in listening and terrible at communicating.

Listening does not only imply that your ears are wide open, and you can hear what the person is saying, it also implies that you are connected with what the other person is saying, thereby allowing you to respond according to the situation. 

5. Learn to Forgive

I will not lie to you and say your relationship will be rosy always because every relationship will definitely go through its trial stage, but our ability to get back up regardless of how tough it gets, is what makes the bond stronger and also makes the relationship lasts longer. As you grow further in your relationship, you need to learn how to forgive your partner in all situations, it is difficult, but you have to. It is also imperative to know how to get your partner to forgive you in all situations. 

6. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Knowing your partners’ strengths and weaknesses can help you build your relationship more. You need to understand that you are in a relationship and not in a competition with your spouse, so there are somethings that may seem easy for you to do and hard for your spouse to do.

You need to know that some people are no longer together because they were in the relationship to compete with one another and not to try to strengthen each other to make a perfect whole.

You should have the courage to accept your partner’s faults in a relationship and move forward from there. As a result, your relationship will develop as you motivate one another to improve as individuals and as partners.

7. Be Romantic

Developing yourself to be more romantic is a relationship tip I am sure you must have been hearing about for a long time now. You need to ensure you do whatever it takes to show each other how much you care by expressing it, it doesn’t even have to be large gestures, it can be little romantic gestures like opening the door or pulling out the chair for her to seat on your first date or even sticking a little love note on his laptop.

It might sound common, but you need to know that the act of romance is an important element in every relationship and a prerequisite for a long-lasting one. So, try as much as possible to awaken your inner romantic self, to spice up your relationship and make it last longer. 

8. Give Space When Needed!

I know we all want to spend the entire day with our loved ones and be all up in their businesses as much as we can, I mean, spending time with your spouse is important and it helps to create a good bond, but what if I told you that giving each other space every now and then is also important.

You might think I don’t know what I am saying but you need to understand that giving space would help you grow and develop personally, while also missing each other. 

This is a crucial relationship tip, because nowadays, it seems like couples make it a point to stick together like there’s no tomorrow, and being apart creates the possibility for unwarranted mistrust. It’s time to make some significant changes if this is how you feel about your relationship, you need to respect each other’s “me time”.

Funny enough, when people hear “space”, they automatically think it means a breakup is on its way, but you have to understand that your spouse had a life before he or she met you, and that life doesn’t just end abruptly because you are together. So, be romantic, be caring and supporting as much as you can, but do it with a sense of respect to your spouses’ space.

9. Learn to Adjust

Another relationship tip you need to know is the ability to adjust to the behavior of your partner. As the saying goes “two fingers are not equal”, so also two individuals are not equal. You don’t expect your man to automatically press the toothpaste from the middle because you do the same thing and you also don’t expect your woman to have the same thoughts and values with you.

we were created separately to have unique thoughts and values and all we can do is to adjust our values and behavior to fit each other. If you care about your spouse, you should find this tip to be straightforward. As you learn to adjust and adapt in your relationship, it should be able to endure longer and withstand the test of time.

10. Don’t Play the Blame Game

A relationship might end when partners start blaming one another for problems that have arisen. This is due to the fact that you two are in this together, thus there is no need to point out each other’s shortcomings.

You might want to discuss your concerns with your partner and look on the bright side of things. Find methods to compromise as you discuss your key insights and lessons from what you perceive to be errors and missteps.

Playing the blame game in your relationship can negatively affect it. You need to learn to apologize once you realize that you are at fault, even when you are not at fault, try to ensure that the issue doesn’t prolong due to passing of blame around.

Problems would be simpler to resolve in this fashion since you would already have established roles and duties and would also be resolved on the basis of confidence. 

11. Respect Each Other’s Privacy

I would want both the ladies and the guys to cling onto this relationship tip. Unless instructed otherwise, avoid checking your partners’ phones, emails, or messages. Avoid looking for what is not missing because doing so will make your partner suspicious of you and produce a rift.

Always respect your spouse’s privacy and be aware that the moment you suspect your partner is concealing something, you may begin to question your relationship’s sincerity, which could lead to the end of it altogether.

12. Be a Mystery

According to psychotherapist and author of “Marriage Rules: A Handbook for the Married and the Coupled Up,” Harriet Lerner, “knowing everything about each other is comfortable, but it’s no recipe for romance”.

Therefore, you need to remain a mystery to your partner, be spontaneous, be that box of amazement and excitement each time it’s being opened.

13. Spice Up Your Love Making Schedule

According to the relationship expect and author Ian Kerner, we are made to understand that, waiting until the end of the night to make love often means you fall asleep before you get to it. This means that, to have a long-lasting relationship, you need to spice up your love making life.

You don’t necessarily have to wait for the end of the night to have it, it could be during shower, while cooking or something much more fun and spontaneous, you can even rush home during your lunch break if you spouse is a stay-at-home person. And if evenings are the only time, you have available, make it a priority by going to bed earlier, so you can have the whole night all to yourselves.

14. Trust Each other

In every relationship, trust is as crucial as communication; you must always be able to rely on your spouse. You must develop and win your spouse’s trust over time. The growth of relationships depends on mutual trust.

Think about what it could be like to live a life without trust: you want to tell your spouse a secret but are hesitant; your spouse tells you an information and you suspect they are lying; you see your spouse with a friend and you immediately think something fishy is going on; and so on.

Relationships are challenging to keep up, but it becomes more challenging if you don’t trust each other, every minute of your existence turns into a nightmare.

15. Spend Time With Each Other

Spending time with one another is another relationship tip to note for a long-lasting relationship. You need to understand that the time you get to spend with your partner is precious and as such it shouldn’t be taken for granted.

16. Develop Yourselves

If you are in a relationship and you have nothing else to show for it apart from hanging out and dishing out “I love you”, then you are not in the relationship for the right reasons. You need to be that person that makes your spouse better, you need to develop one another in all aspects. You cannot strive to have a long-lasting relationship without developing yourselves.

17. Always Say “Thank You”

It’s important to practice expressing “thank you” after doing a good deed. You should constantly thank your partner when they compliment you, prepare dinner for you, or even take you out on a date.

18. Complement Each other

Complimenting your partner is important and you shouldn’t be afraid of shy to dish out compliments when you get the opportunity to. You can compliment her beauty, his perfume, hairdo and many more. When you compliment your partner, he or she will feel seen, cherished, and valued.

It aids in ending the vicious cycle of criticism and denial that harms interpersonal ties. You may foster an environment of gratitude that improves your relationship, makes it stronger and makes you both happier.

19. Let Go of The Past

Some people only compare their current relationship with their former relationships because they are still living in the past. It is significant to remember that living in the past prevents you from living in the present, which will undoubtedly have an impact on your future.

20. Learn The 50/50 Rule 

The 50/50 rule is the final relationship tip I’ll cover in this article. You must realize that while neither you nor your mate are flawless, when combined, your flaws result in complete perfection. You must learn to compromise and give each other your fair share if you want to create a healthy, enduring relationship.


You can strengthen your relationship with your spouse and also improve the quality of your relationship by implementing these tips.

Contrary to common assumption, maintaining relationships is not as impossible as it is represented, though it is difficult but that does not mean that it cannot be achieved. To maintain a strong, healthy, and happy relationship, you only need to implant certain habits and behaviors into your daily routine.

Every couple’s main goal is undoubtedly to stay together, and I am sure that it is also your ultimate wish to stay together forever. So, don’t forget that achieving a long-lasting relationship is not an impossibility, all you need to do is understand how to do it correctly. And I hope that you will build yourself more with these relationship tips.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What are the six (6) essential tips to help achieve a long-lasting relationship?

Six essential tips to achieving a long-lasting relationship are; communication, trust, understanding, forgiveness, love and friendship. 

How do you stay in love with your spouse?

To stay in live with your spouse, you need to learn to spice up your relationship and be as spontaneous as possible. Go out on dates, communicate with your partner always and do things to make your better half happy always.

What are the tips to keep your man in love with you?

To ensure that your man remains in love with you or to keep your man actively in love with you, you need to know the list of things he likes, respect him, cook his favorite meals, be his friend and companion and other things.

What are the secrets to a good relationship?

The secrets to a good relationship are endless because we keep learning every day, but I will give you one top secret; always remember that your partner is not perfect, therefore always expect the unexpected. 

How do you know your boyfriend/girlfriend is serious?

A serious boyfriend or girlfriend will always treat you with respect and will value the time spent together, he or she will also always want to share every little information with you.

How to keep your man truly happy?

You can keep your man truly happy by being the best version of yourself for him, he knows you are not perfect, don’t lie to keep a man, be your true self, flaws and all.

What are six common mistakes that might break up a relationship?

Lies, dishonesty, distrust, insults, disrespect and lack of communication are the six common mistakes that might break up any relationship.

What to do when an argument occurs in a relationship?

An argument is bound to occur in every relationship, and when it does, try as much as possible to listen to your partner, talk calmy and not yell and if possible, gently walk away until all is calm.

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