15 Fun Family Games to Play at Home for Bonding

Updated: Mar 7, 2023
By Rebecca Bala Yalien
family games to play.
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One of my favorite times in the world is the time I spend with my family. Times when everyone is home, Eating, laughing, playing, and having a good time. Times where the storytelling never ends, especially from my end. We share stories of the past, and present, we share each other’s laughs and pain. 

Do you know what my best part is? Family Game Night. Usually, the energy at times like that is high. Everyone is in competitive mode. The excitement and joy that exudes are why I love game night. These games allow us to bond, have fun, and create memories.  It helps us understand each other better and reduces stress. 

If you’re like me who enjoys family time and is looking for games to play with your family, you’re in the right place. I’ll be sharing with your different family games to play at home for bonding.

Family Games to Play at Home for Bonding

1. Charades

Who doesn’t love a good guessing game? Guess games are common family games to play at home. Charades is a game that involves one person acting and a team guessing. How to play? You could divide the family into two teams. Have a pile of paper with different things on them such as animals, movies, objects e.t.c. 

One member of the team will pick the paper and act out what is written on it while the rest of the team guesses. There should be a time limit after which guesses have to stop. If the team members get the correct answer, they earn a point but if they can’t guess correctly before the time elapses, they lose a point. The game is over when all the papers have been drawn and acted out. The team with the highest score wins.

2. Reverse Charades

This is the exact opposite of charades. Same concept but in this game, one person is guessing the answer while the team is acting out what is written on the paper. Sounds difficult for the guesser, right?  Maybe but I believe that the harder a game is, the more interesting it is. 

None of the team members is supposed to talk. Talking disqualifies the team and they lose points for that round. They have to only act in such a way that the guesser can easily figure out what they are trying to communicate.

3. Hide and Seek

This is one of the family games to play if you have space around the house. Gather all the family members and decide who will go first. This player is blindfolded and left to stand on a spot while the other players prepare to run and hide. 

The blindfolded player counts to 10 and the other players run as fast as they can to hide in a place where they won’t be found. After counting, the blindfolded player takes off the blindfold and searches for the rest of the players. 

Whoever he finds first, replaces him and is blindfolded. The game requires a lot of energy because there’s a lot of running around but it is very fun. It relieves stress and can serve as an exercise.

4. Scrabble

Scrabble is not only a fun game but an educational game as well which is why it is my favorite board game. It involves you forming words with the letters you have on the board. It is played by 2-4 players. There are 100 letter tiles, four tile racks, and a timer.

Each player draws seven letter tiles out of the bag without peeking and places them on their tile rack.

On each turn, a player would place at least one letter tile on the board to form a word and the word must connect to an existing word on the board. After playing a word, the player scores points based on the value of each letter tile used and the value of the spot it was placed on the board. 

If it was placed on a double letter, it means that the value of the letter on that spot will be multiplied by 2 and if it’s on a triple letter, it’s the value of the letter multiplied by 3. For double word and triple word, the sum of the value of all the letters that form the word is multiplied by 2 and 3 respectively. 

The player then draws letter tiles to replace the ones used.  The game ends when all of the letter tiles have been used. The player with the highest score wins

5. Monopoly

Monopoly is an economics-themed game. It requires about 2- 8 players. It is one of my best family games to play. To play, Gather the family and choose a banker. The banker is responsible for controlling the money and property in the game. 

Each player should receive $1,500 in the following denominations: two $500s, two $100s, two $50s, six $20s, five $10s, five $5s, and five $1s, and choose a token to represent them on the board.

Put the Chance and Community Chest cards in their respective piles. Place the title deed cards in a pile next to the board and place the houses and hotels in a pile next to the board.

The youngest player could go first. The player should roll both dice and move the number of spaces indicated. Follow the instructions on the space you land on. If it is an unowned property, you can buy it. If it is owned, you must pay rent to the owner. 

If it is a Chance or Community Chest card, you must draw one and follow the instructions. Continue to play until one player is declared the winner. The winner is the one with the most money and property at the end of the game. Fun right?

6. Ludo

Ludo is another board game you and your family can try. All you need is the board and dice. The game aims to take all your tokens around the board in a clockwise direction till you arrive at the home area. Movements are controlled by the number on the dice. The number on the dice determines how many blocks you can move. 

To start the game, each player should choose a house and arrange their token in the house. Each player has to roll the dice and can only begin the game if they get 6 on either of the dice. Whenever a player gets a double 6, the player gets the opportunity to roll the dice again. When you play a six, you could bring out your token to the play area or move forward with the existing token. 

If you want to kill your opponent’s token, you should play a number that will enable your token to land on theirs. Your opponent is required to return that token home and can only bring it out again if they play a six again.

You could apply different strategies to safeguard your tokens until you get to the safe home area. The token gets home if you play a number that takes it to the home box. The player who can take all 4 tokens to the home box first is declared the winner.

7. Whot

What is a card game that is played around the world but mostly in Nigeria. It includes a pack of 54 cards with different numbers and shapes such as stars, crosses, circles, rectangles, and triangles. The game is played between 2 or more players which makes it a good family game to play. 

The card is first shuffled, and every player is given some cards depending on the rules the players of the game have set for themselves. The rest of the cards are kept in a pile, and it’s usually called ‘ market’.

There are special cards such as.

  • Number 1 card which means hold on.
  • Number 2 card which requires the next player to pick two cards from the pile
  • Number 5 card which requires the next player to pick three cards from the pile 
  • Number 14 card which requires every player to pick one card.

Every card dropped must have either the same shape or the same number as the previous card that was dropped. If you do not have any card that matches, you have to miss a turn and pick a new card from the pile of cards. Whoever drops all their cards first is the winner of the game.

8. Hopscotch Game

This is an old traditional game played amongst kids. If you and your family are looking for a game that brings old memories back, hopscotch is your go-to game. I can’t even talk about my childhood without mentioning it. 

At the time, I didn’t know it was called hopscotch. We called it ‘ Suwe’. It is a very simple game that is easy to learn and doesn’t require much. All you need is chalk and a stone.  There are various variations of the game, but the basic rule is the same. 

Draw squares on the ground using the chalk. Every player is to throw a stone in the first square and hop on one foot over the square with the stone and subsequent squares. When you get to the end you turn back still on one foot, hop forward and pick the stone before hopping out. 

If you successfully hop through without stepping on the line, you can move to the next square. When you throw the stone into the square, it has to fall inside the square. If it falls out of the square, you have to miss a turn and the next player takes the stone from you and plays. The person who gets to the last square first wins the game. 

Whichever variation of the game you decide to follow, hopscotch is one of the family games to play that is fun and relieves stress. You could get creative with the game and form your own rules. You can even change the style of your squares.

9. Know Your Nouns

This is another fun and educative game to play with your family. In Nigeria, it is popularly known as ‘ name, animal, place or thing’.  It is very simple and also doesn’t require much. All you need is paper, a pen, or a marker. You can appoint one of the family members as the moderator who will call the letters, put the timer and compute the scores. 

To play the game, every player must draw a table with four rows labeled Name, Animal, place, and thing and 26 columns labeled A-Z. The moderator sets the timer for some seconds and calls out a letter randomly. 

The players have to quickly fill the rows with a name, place, animal, and thing that starts with the letter that was called quickly before the time elapses. Every correct word earns a mark and after the game, the points are calculated. The person with the highest point wins.

10. Video Games

 Our list of fun family games to play will not be complete without video games. If you have a play station in the house, then you can enjoy playing video games with your family. All you need is the play station, a gamepad, and a power supply. 

You could take turns to play depending on the number of family members and the gamepads available. There are several interesting games you can explore on your play station. Some of which are Call of duty, Soccer, Mortal Kombat, God of war, Grand Theft Auto vice city. Etc.

11. Rhyme with Me

This is a game played amongst children, but it can also be a good family game to play. It is very easy to play and doesn’t require anything. To play, a member of the family starts by mentioning a word and the next player has to say a word those rhymes. The words should be said quickly without thinking too much as wasting time disqualifies you and kills the fun. 

Whoever says a word that doesn’t rhyme or repeats a word that has previously been said is out of the game. For example, player one says gate, the second player could say late, the next, date, and so on. This game is very fun as well as educational. I would advise it for families with toddlers or young children.

12. Never Have I Ever

This is a popular game played at parties and amongst adults. There are different statements all beginning with ‘never have I ever’ followed by an action or event. If you have, you have to drink a shot of alcohol or any undesirable drink. 

You can be creative with yours and tweak it to be family friendly. You can have a family edition where all the content of the papers is related to things happening in the house. 

For example, a good one would be Never had I ever snuck out of the house. The revelations will be shocking and funny. I can only imagine.

13. Tug of War

Tug of war is a very interesting game to play. It is one of the family games to play if you have a big backyard or space. You could divide the family into two halves. Could be based on gender or at random, depending on what you and your family members agree on. You need a long and strong rope. 

To play the game, each team will be facing the other in a file. The first member, most times the strongest member of the team, stands in front and everyone holds the rope. One of the family members who can act as the referee will give the order to start.

After a count, both teams would pull the rope towards themselves to pull their opponents towards them. The team that falls to the ground or is pulled loses while the team that can pull the other towards themselves wins.

14. Chess

I tell people that chess is not just a game and I believe I’m right. It’s not just about moving pawns and officers for fun, if you allow it, it could help with decision-making and real-life problems which makes it one of the significant family games to play as it does not only entertain but educate as well. Chess is a fun game and requires 2 players.

Every player should choose their preferred color and set up the board, placing all the pawns in front of the officers. The officers are 1 king, 1 Queen, 2 knights, 2 bishops, 2 rooks while the pawns are 8. Take turns – White moves first, and then players alternate turns. 

Every piece has a direction it can move in. Pawns move straight ahead one square at a time, except for their very first move, when they can move two squares. Pawns can also move diagonally one square to capture an opponent’s piece. Rooks can move any number of squares horizontally or vertically. 

Knights move in an “L” shape: two squares horizontally then one square vertically, or two squares vertically then one square horizontally, Bishops can move any number of squares diagonally, Queens can move any number of squares horizontally, vertically, or diagonally while Kings can move one square in any direction. To win the game, you have to capture the king of your opponent. Once the king is captured, it is a checkmate.

15. Guess Who

This is another guess game that is very interesting and fun to play. There are several variations of this game. You can tweak it as you like and be creative with yours. To play the game, you write a name of a person- could be a family member or relative, name of a movie or any category you consider fun. 

Write it on a sticky note and paste it on the forehead of one of the players. The player in question has no idea what is written on the note. He/she has to guess with the help of the other team members that will be giving him hints. The hints are supposed to help the player guess who the person or character is.


Family time doesn’t have to be boring. You could spice things up by trying these fun family games to play. games that help create memories, build strong bonds and keep everyone excited.  

It also helps to create a sense of togetherness, helps to reduce stress, improve communication skills, and enhance problem-solving abilities. Family is all we really have so if you get a chance to be with yours, enjoy it to the fullest. I hope this article helps you!


What are the best Bonding games?

Any game that helps you know more about your opponent is good for bonding. Games that help with bonding include Never have I ever, 20 questions, would you rather, 2 truths and a lie etc.

What activities bring families together?

Activities like eating dinner together, praying together, playing games, cooking, singing and dancing, seeing movies brings families together. All these activities require you to spend time together which is important for bonding and closeness.

What is the best game to play with family?

This solely depends on the interests of the family members. However, there are some games that are very good for families to play. Some of which are Charades, Scrabble, Tug of war etc.

What are some fun indoor games?

Fun indoor games you could play include board games such as scrabble, chess, and Ludo. You could also play poker. If you have enough space indoors, hide and seek won’t be a bad idea.


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