8 Undisputable Signs of a Loyal Man

Updated: Mar 7, 2023
By Michelle Abari
signs of a loyal man
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Every lady has an idea of a loyal man. Every lady wants a man that is different from all the other men that she has met. A lady wants to feel like she is the only one in a man’s life, she wants to feel loved, appreciated and wanted. Every lady wants to be loyal, but are there signs of a loyal man?

As I said, every woman wants a loyal man, so how do you know a loyal man? What are the signs of a loyal man? What do I look out for on my quest to find a loyal man? I’m very sure these are questions and more that a lot of you ladies are asking.  Do not worry, for all your questions will be answered.

In this article, we will get to see the most indisputable signs of a loyal man and how you know that your man is being loyal to you, and only you…

If you are impatient like I am, then let’s get to know the signs of a loyal man…

Undisputable Signs of a Loyal Man

Well, let’s dive into signs of a loyal man, there are numerous and obvious signs, so let’s get to it. Everyone wants that loyal person that puts them first and loves them for who they are. Here are the signs of a loyal man…

1. He Sets Boundaries with all Women in His Life

It is a well-known phenomenon that men have more women in their life and vice versa. Having a lot of people of the opposite gender is not the issue, but does he set boundaries with these ladies in his life?

If he respects your relationship so much that he does not want issues, especially in the area of these women in his life, where he has a limit to his interaction with these women, shows to a large level that he is a loyal man. If he can put you first irrespective of the women in his life, then you got a good man.

Not forgetting his mom, we all know that men love their mothers, and that is a good thing. But he also should not neglect you always while trying to please his mother. He should also set boundaries with his mother, he should not be turning his back on you always because of his mother. 

I mean, it is one thing to love and provide for his mother, but it is another thing to do so at the expense of his relationship with you. If he treats his mother right and still acknowledges you in his life, then that is a clear sign of a loyal man.

2. He Does not Judge You

Another sign of a loyal man is, he does not judge you. A man who does not put you as a person and your feelings down should also be considered a good man. He won’t put you down just to make himself feel better. 

If he is willing to accept you for who you are and you both are willing to compromise to make the relationship work, then he is a keeper. 

A man who will not judge you is a man who will love you for all of who you are. Let him accept you, let him love you and see you for who you are without any filter, and then you get to know if he is loyal.

Most men want a real woman. Men want someone who can accept them for who they are and also accept their partner for who they are too. So get you a man who will appreciate you for who you are, and you are good to go…

3. Your Happiness is a Top Priority to Him

If he makes you feel like the most special and important person in his life, then that’s a sure keeper. I’m 100% sure that no woman would want a man who is not going to put her happiness as a priority for him.

Get you a man who is willing and wants to always put your happiness first. Every woman wants to be happy in her relationship, and she wants her man to be a part of that. It is not like you are basing your happiness on him and making it seem like he is your happiness. No, what you are doing is making sure that your man puts your happiness as a top priority in his life.

How do you know if he is putting your happiness first? You may ask. If he is always asking if you are comfortable when you guys are out if he often asks about an opinion of yours. All these and more, are signs of a loyal man.

4. If He is Loyal in Other Areas of His Life

If they are consistently loyal in every other aspect of their life. For instance, they’ve had the same hairdresser for a long time, they have had the same phone brand for a long time, and others. If he has had a whole lot of other things that he has been loyal to, then he is a keeper. 

Another good example of an aspect of his life that you can use to detect his loyalty, is his football or any other sports club. As hilarious as this is, it is very true, most men are sporty so they tend to have a ‘better for worse’ club they can never let go of. 

If your man is not sporty, then check his hair stylists, phone brand, shoe brand, watch brand, or something, a man always has something he loves for a lifetime.

You can also evaluate his relationships with others. 

Is his relationship with his friends, family, neighbors, co-workers or people in general good? Does he have a long-time friend? Most men have friends they have known for at least 5 years. So look into that, and know how his relationship with that person or people has been.

5. He is Reliable

Reliability and accountability should be an undisputable sign of a loyal man. If he always comes through whenever you call, then that could mean he is a good man. Although some men have more availability than others, all that matters is if he shows up.

When he says he is going to do something, he does it. If he does not meet up, he is always accountable for his actions. You also should not allow your independence to get the better of his reliability and accountability. 

Don’t always feel like you can do things yourself without asking for help. If you do this, then his reliability and accountability are going to depreciate, because he is always going to feel like you have it covered. Stop being too independent with doing things for yourself without asking for help, and let his accountability and reliability flow in the relationship.

6. He Does not Hide You

Loyalty does not get to keep you hidden from the world. If he hides you from his friends, family and everyone around him, then something is wrong somewhere. Although social media is different when it comes to hiding your spouse, there is a lot of negativity on social media. But him hiding you from his circle of people, is a red flag.

Don’t ever settle for someone who is always skeptical about showing you off everywhere you go. If he does not see you for who you are and is willing to make his circle of people love you that way, then he is not loyal, at least not to you. A real loyal man wants to show his queen off, he wants to show the world that he has a priceless jewel by his side. That’s a real sign of a loyal man.

7. He Has Strong Values and a Positive Circle

If his circle influences him positively and he has strong morals and principles, then there is a possibility of him being a loyal person.

If his circle does not have a good impact on his life then that’s a red flag. You want to be with someone who has role models in his life and talks highly of them. I mean, there are men like that and I have been fortunate enough to have met these men. 

I know a male friend of mine who has strong values, and values like not breaking a girl’s heart, always being there for a friend, having a curfew, even going to bed early, and not messing with a friend’s ex. These were his values and more, and although some of them fascinated me, he stood by his principles and had good friends who supported him positively. Get you a loyal person and see where that leads you.

8. If Both of You Have a Deep and Genuine Connection

If the feeling is mutual, like you don’t have to force anything, then you got yourself a good man. Relationships that have real connections and are not forced tend to last longer, and both parties tend to be committed.

Once you feel like you are not forcing anything and the vibe flows with melody and finesse then you have got yourself a loyal man. Because no man would want to jeopardize such feelings. He would not want to let you go, and by not letting you go, he is willing to stick by you all day every day. That is the power of a genuine connection. 

Not to be too personal, but I have this male friend. He happens to be in a committed and stable relationship with his girlfriend. The first time he met his girlfriend, everything just flowed, according to him. They did not have to force anything. Every time they met and talked there was always something to explore about each other. 

He did not have to be someone else, and it was always magical with her. He also told me that because of how he felt he was going to do everything in his power to keep her. I mean he did do everything to keep her, and they are still together to this day. 


There are numerous signs of a loyal man, but these signs can only be noticed by your definition of a loyal man and how your man should act. 

Every lady wants a loyal man, as I’ve said before. A loyal man is hard to find but worth the wait and hard work to find. 

Every lady deserves genuine love that keeps you on your toes every time and is so magical that you can not explain it. You deserve a relationship that celebrates the good in you and accepts your flaws for who you are.

So, to my ladies, don’t settle for just anyone, keep searching, and if you get tired of searching, rest. Most times, the best things come to us when we least expect them, so do not settle. The right man will come, and you will get to see signs of a loyal man in him.


What makes a man loyal?

If he defends you, if he is in tune with you, and if he is consistent in everything he does with you, then this can make him a loyal man. A lot of other things can make a man a loyal man, like his values, putting you and his relationship with you first, being god-fearing and more. You have to know what a loyal man is to know what makes a man loyal.

How Do You Know If He Is Not Loyal?

If he always makes excuses. That is the main sign of a disloyal man if he makes excuses. Anyone who values you and is loyal to you does not need to make excuses to make you happy.

How Can A Guy Prove His Loyalty?

There are different ways a man can prove his loyalty to the one(s) he loves. The most important thing is appreciation. He should always appreciate those in his life.

How Can You Tell If A Man Loves You Or Not?

To answer this question, you have to understand the man you are in a relationship with. If he understands your love language, and always wants to see you happy then that is a sure sign he loves you. If he always respects you and is there for you at all times too, also shows love towards you.

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