20 Sweet Surprise Date Ideas at Home Your Partner

Updated: Mar 13, 2023
By Rebecca Bala Yalien
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What’s a relationship without loving, sharing and caring?  Sometimes we get too used to our partners; a term the Nigerian folks call ‘ see finish’, that we no longer put in the work. We stick to a routine and the relationship becomes boring. Keeping the relationship alive and healthy not only requires love but also effort and intentionality.

Are you looking for new ways you can make your partner feel loved? Don’t worry, I’m here for you. Gifts are good but with an element of surprise, it’s even better. Here are some ways you can surprise your partner and some surprise date ideas at home you could try.

Romantic Surprises for Him at Home

1. Romantic Dinner Date at Home

Ladies, gather around. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so you may want to take this a little more seriously. Cook him a nice meal and if you can’t cook you could order and have it delivered at home. Set the ambiance. You could have candles lit and nicely placed in the dining area. Have soft music playing in the background.

Dress up nicely like you would if you were going out and invite him over. If you live with your partner, you should get him out of the house before you set up, so he doesn’t find out and ruin the element of surprise. I can only imagine how excited he’ll be when he walks into the house.

2. Movie Night

Bring the cinema home! After a long day out, Netflix and chill will not be a bad idea to help him relax. You could select a movie he’s been dying to watch. Get warm blankets, snacks and cuddles.

This is one of the surprise date ideas at home that doesn’t cost anything. Maybe a little if we are taking into account the cost of the snacks.

3. Spa Date

Spa date is one of the surprise date ideas at home I would love you to try. Who doesn’t like a relaxing massage session? All you need to do is prepare the bath, get some soft towels, Essential oils, scented candles, a little bit of petals and the hands God gave you to make your man feel good.

4. Pay for a Class he’s Been Wanting to Take

Is your man trying to learn something new? Has he been talking about a class he wishes he could take ? This is your chance to sweep him off his feet and tell him how much you care about him. Sign him up for the class. This is definitely a sweet way to surprise him.

5. Run an Errand he’s Been Too Busy to Run

Another surprise date idea at home that screams love is this. If your partner’s love language is an act of service, you’ll definitely score a 100 with this. It could be something he needs to buy or laundry he needs to pick from the dry cleaners or even wash his car. Whatever it is, just take the initiative and do it on his behalf. Taking the burden off him is a nice way to show your partner love.

6. Treasure Hunt Around the House

Make him find different presents you bought him around the house using clues. The clues could include memories you both shared so not only is he enjoying the game, he’s also reliving memories with you. You could add your own ideas to make the game as fun as possible.

7. Leave Him a Trail of Sticky Notes

Write him something sweet on the notes and paste them around the house. There are two ways you could do this. It’s either the stick note itself is the surprise or the sticky note is leading to a bigger surprise.

Whichever you choose or can afford is fine. You could write him 50 reasons why you love him on each note and paste them on the floor leading him to a bigger gift box or a romantic dinner or the bedroom. Just add your personal spice to it. Be creative!

8.  Fill His Car with Fuel

I know you are wondering why this is on the list of surprise date ideas at home that you should try. Trust me, it will blow his mind. At a time like this where fuel prices have gone up and the queue is never ending, filling his tank  could earn you a ring if you are not married yet. Saving him the stress of queuing up for hours is a gesture he won’t forget in a long time.

9. Buy Him Tickets to his Favorite Concert or Show

I f there’s a show or concert he’s been dying to attend, you could get him the tickets and even offer to be his plus one if he needs one. It shows that you are attentive and intentional about making him happy.

Romantic Ways to Surprise Your Wife

1. Take Her on a Vacation

If you have the money, a vacation is one sweet way to surprise your partner. Buy tickets to a destination she would absolutely love . Do well to check her schedule and plan the vacation at a time when you both are free.

This way, there’s nothing standing in the way. You could help her pack a vacation bag, tell her to dress for a trip and take her to the airport. Not knowing where you’re going is exciting, finding out it’s your favorite place in the world is super exciting.

2. Take Her Shopping

Taking a woman shopping may seem expensive but remember you can’t put a price tag on love. If she’s worth every dime, you should go all out and take her on a shopping spree. You could take her to her favorite store.

You know what the best part is? You get to have a free fashion show as you wait for her to try on the clothes. That’s a double win. Wife is happy, everybody is happy!

3. Breakfast in Bed

For a woman who has to wake up every morning to make breakfast and get everyone ready for the day, breakfast in bed is a big deal. Don’t sleep on these gentlemen.

Wake up earlier than her normal time or better still turn off her alarm so she can sleep in, go to the kitchen and make her breakfast. It doesn’t have to be anything too difficult, just something nice that she’d like. 

Just In case it doesn’t taste so nice or ends up burnt, don’t give up. Sometimes it’s the thought that counts. Wake your lady up and have her eat in bed . You could add a foot rub for maximum satisfaction. It definitely tops my list of surprise date ideas at home you can’t go wrong with!

4. Help Her Do a Chore She’s Too Lazy to Do

Men, this will cost you absolutely nothing. And the reward is always great. Happy wife equals a happy life, remember? Is there a chore she has to do? Could be the laundry, cleaning, cooking or even babysitting.

Find a way to relieve your wife of something she has to do and enjoy the reaction on her face when she discovers you’ve done it for her. It would be priceless.

5. Send Her Money

Some would say that the way to a woman’s heart is through credit alerts. While I do not completely agree with that, I know for a fact that women appreciate monetary gifts.  Maybe it’s because we always have a need for it or just for the mere satisfaction it brings but if you are looking for a surprise gift idea for her, this could do.

Ways to Surprise Your Significant Other

1. Send Them Lunch at the Office

If your partner is anything like me, this idea will come in handy. I get so engrossed in work, I forget to eat. I won’t even notice the break is over. Lunch at the office would be a sweet surprise and a very much appreciated one .

Order them their favorite thing to eat and send it to the office around break time. You could even deliver it yourself. Double the surprise. Your partner is getting both food and company.

2. Deliver Gifts to Them

Send nice gifts to your partner. It could be flowers, food, a box of chocolate, their favorite book, a nice perfume, wrist watches. You name it. The secret to leaving a long lasting impression with a gift depends on the intentionality.

It doesn’t matter how much the gift cost; it has to mean something. You wouldn’t want to pull off a surprise that he won’t even remember. Make it as personal and intentional as it can be.

3. Customized Mugs

I particularly like this idea because I love mugs. Having to have a mug with my name on it or having a love letter inscribed on it is definitely something I would want to receive. It doesn’t have to be the way I want mine. You can decide what you want to write on the mug for your partner.

4. Romantic Getaway

Plan a surprise trip to a location you both love. You need to know your budget, research the right accommodation and plan the activities you and your partner would love. Make sure you carefully plan. You do not want your partner to be disappointed. 

Every decision you make should show your partner that you love them from the choice of sheets to the route you’ll take while traveling. Even the kind of accommodation you secure should be what your partner likes. It should be more about them and less about you.

5. Surprise Visit

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, this idea is for you. Living away from your lover can be hard. One way to blow their mind is showing up at theirs unannounced.

Just imagine them coming back from work after a stressful day to find you waiting for them after months or maybe years apart. I’m already teary thinking about it. Your partner will be excited. If you have the means to do this, you should!


Surprising your partner is a sure way to tell them you love them and spice things up in the relationship. There are so many ways to surprise your partner, you just have to be creative about it.

Think about the things they like, the things they need or the things that interest them and you’ll get ideas. I hope these surprise date ideas at home help you figure out how you’re going to make your partner happy today.


1. How can I surprise my partner on a date?

You could turn it from a regular date to a romantic date with a little bit of effort. If the date would be at home, you could cook her her favorite meal, add candles, rose petals around the house and have good music.

If it’s a date at a restaurant, you could take her to a restaurant she’s been dying to dine at. If you want to do something grand, you could ask a band to play something nice. Could be a song that means something to both of you. Engage your creative side and sweep her off her feet.

2. How do you plan a surprise date night at home?

First, you need to plan. If you live with your partner, planning may be hard so you should try to be as discreet as possible. You do not want to ruin the surprise. You could get them to leave the house stylishly while you prepare. Get all the groceries you’ll need if you’ll be cooking or order dinner on time.

3. What kind of surprises do boyfriends like?

Love notes tucked in his laptop bag or even wallet, a surprise date night, remember Men love food, and carefully thought of presents.

4. How do I plan a romantic night in the bedroom for him?

First you’ll want to clean the room, change the sheets to something soft, warm and cozy. Get scented candles to keep the room smelling nice and give it a romantic feel.

If sexual intimacy is the end goal, you could dress up in lingerie and wait for him to show up. If not, you could enjoy other forms of intimacy like talking, watching a movie while cuddling.

5. What can I give my boyfriend to make him feel special?

Gift him something he likes, something he needs or something that screams love. Some gift ideas for your boyfriend include love notes, wristwatch, cufflinks, grooming kit, shoes, card or a jar full of handwritten letters. Whichever you choose, make it as personal as possible and he’ll definitely feel special.

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