10 Reasons Why Dating is Important in a Relationship

Updated: Mar 13, 2023
By Rebecca Bala Yalien
importance of dating in a relationship
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Dating is an important stage of relationships because it helps people to get to know each other better. Two individuals coming together to figure out if they’re suitable for each other is a part that shouldn’t be missed.

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how long courtship should be before marriage. Some do not even see the relevance of dating. While I feel like it is important to date for a reasonable amount of time because people pretend and time unveils everything, I also believe that dating isn’t really about the quantity of time but the quality of time spent together.

How long that will take is dependent on how well you get to know each other and how convinced you are that you are ready for marriage.   Ultimately, dating can be a positive experience that every intending couple should explore. If you stick with me, I’ll convince you with reasons why dating is important in a relationship.

Why Dating is Important in a Relationship

1. Establishes a Strong Foundation for Marriage

Dating and courtship before marriage provides a strong foundation for marriage as it enables couples to get to know each other and learn more about themselves.

Marriage requires two different individuals from different backgrounds to come together and be a team. But you can’t be a team without knowing each other’s personalities, interests, values, and goals. This is why dating is important in a relationship.

2. Gives Couples an Opportunity to Build Trust

Dating and courtship give couples an opportunity to build trust and to gain a better understanding of each other. Trust is the foundation on which any relationship is built. But trust is not built in one day.

As you keep spending time together, you’ll be able to earn each other’s trust. Trust helps you develop a stronger bond and build a stronger relationship.

3. Gives Couples Time to Evaluate Compatibility

 Compatibility is very important for any marriage to work. Couples should have common interests and goals, common values and beliefs. You can only tell if you’re compatible by dating.

This is why dating is important in a relationship. It helps you decide if you are right for each other. This can help to avoid potential problems in the future.

4. Helps Couples to Develop Communication Skills

Communication is essential for a successful relationship and marriage. Knowing when your partner wants to talk and when they need you to listen, being able to be honest about how you feel and be vulnerable is a skill that can only be perfected with time. Developing your communication skills is important and dating offers you the opportunity to do that.

5. Helps Couples to Learn to How to Resolve Conflicts

Conflicts will surely arise in your relationship even if you are in love with each other.  There will be disagreements and you will offend each other. That’s normal.

Finding a healthy way to resolve conflicts is one of the reasons why Dating is important in a relationship. Dating helps you to learn to compromise and to negotiate disagreements. Healthy conflict resolution builds a stronger relationship.

6. Helps Couples to Develop New Interests Together

While compatibility is very important, there may be situations where couples do not share common interests. Dating helps you develop new interests with your partner. 

As you spend time together, you may discover new areas both of you have interest in. This generally helps with the bond in the relationship and helps foster friendship.

7. Gives Couples Time to Bond with Family and Friends

The saying that ” you are not only marrying your partner but their family too” is very accurate. You need to know your partner’s family and close friends. These are the people that are important to your partner and know your partner better than you.

Learning about your partner’s roots and the people they’re around could give you an insight into his past and upbringing. Dating and courtship affords you the time to not only court your partner but their family as well.

8. Gives Couples Time to Plan for the Future

Marriage is an institution that requires adequate preparation. With the rate of divorce skyrocketing by the day, it is important that intending couples have conversations about their future and ask all the necessary questions before taking a step into marriage. Dating gives couples time to plan for their future and to discuss their expectations for marriage.

9. Helps Couples to Learn About Their Finances

Money is one of the top 5 reasons why marriages end in divorce. hence it is a topic that shouldn’t be swept under the carpet. Couples should take their time to discuss their finances and financial expectations.

You have to lay it all out, talk about your finances until you’re comfortable enough to take the step to marriage. You have to decide how you’ll spend your money in Marriage and who pays for what. There are people who are of the opinion that the man should pay all the bills.

There are also some who say that both partners should contribute equally to the upkeep of the home. These are just people’s opinions. Figuring out what works best for both of you and agreeing on what method to apply is one of the reasons why dating is important in a relationship.

 10. It Helps Couples Build a Solid Friendship

Why dating is important in a relationship is because it helps you build friendship with your partner. When you are in a new relationship, you feel like you can’t do without each other, there’s a feeling of excitement anytime you are around each other but later on, those feelings will start to diminish.

What will sustain your marriage at that time is the friendship you built during courtship. This is why dating is important in a relationship. You shouldn’t only be lovers but friends as well.

Importance of Dating After Marriage

Dating does not only happen before marriage but after. It is important to keep courting your partner even after getting married.  Dating after marriage is important because it helps to keep the spark alive in your relationship.

It can help to rekindle the romance between you and your partner and remind you why you fell in love with them in the first place. It can also help deepen the emotional connection and keep you informed about the changes your partner is undergoing.

Your partner before marriage will not be the same few years into the marriage. There’s growth physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. Dating helps you continue the journey of getting to know each other as you evolve into better versions of yourself.

Dating helps to keep the lines of communication open. No relationship works without communication, hence the reason why you need to keep dating your spouse. You could find a day that works best for both of you despite your busy schedule as your date day. Try to do new and fun things. This not only keeps things exciting, but it also helps you fall in love even more.


The importance of dating cannot be overemphasized. I can’t tell you how long you should date. As I said earlier, that is for you to decide. The most important thing is that you’re spending quality time together and talking about the necessary things, asking the right questions and enjoying each other’s company.

All in preparation for marriage. It doesn’t stop after I do. You have to consistently court each other and find out ways to keep exploring and knowing each other as you grow, evolve and change at different stages of your life.

There are lots of reasons why dating is important in a relationship and honestly, I could go on and on. I hope I’ve been able to convince you of the importance of dating both before and after marriage. Marriage is a marathon. You have to be sure of who will be part of your team before starting. There’s no turning back!


What are the benefits of dating?

Dating enables couples to know and learn about each other and to figure out if they are fit for marriage. It helps in conflict resolution, builds intimacy and trust

What does dating mean to men?

Dating could mean different things to different men. For some, it’s about going on dates which is an avenue to get to know the girl they like better and for others, it is more than going on dates. It’s a commitment to see only that girl and try to build a future with her. There’s exclusivity and loyalty.

What comes after dating in a relationship?

Marriage. The end goal of most relationships is to spend forever together. Some relationships don’t thrive long enough to get to marriage but ideally, after dating comes Marriage.

Does dating mean you’re in a relationship?

The term ‘Dating’ is relative to couples and people. It depends on how you define it. Dating is couples getting to know each other. The difference is  the level of commitment. Some people date without any commitment while some date in a committed relationship.

Are you single if you are dating someone?

It depends on the level of commitment. If the dating relationship is exclusive, then No. You are not single but if it’s not exclusive- just two individuals, hanging out without any commitment, then yes, you’re single. 

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