11 Shocking Reasons Why Men Cheat on Their Partner

Updated: Mar 29, 2023
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Men and cheating can be placed in the same sentence, and no one would notice. The only remark that might emanate would be ‘I said it!’ or ‘All men are the same. 

One would rarely be surprised that a man cheated on his wife who is currently pregnant, and their marriage already has three kids. 

The main reason why men cheat might never be unveiled to women for believing that a man should for no reason cheat. It is believed that all men cheat and the reason you haven’t caught him is that you’re not wise enough.

Do All Men Cheat?

Not all men cheat on their spouse. But the majority of women in the world would call you a fool for saying not all men cheat— it is believed that it is in their DNA. 

Male infidelity in relationships is on the increase giving people more reason to believe that cheating is part of a man’s nature. In addition, a man can’t be content with one woman irrespective of how good she is or what she does.

These days, women don’t bother going all out for the men because as popularly known, it will end in tears. Girls and women of all ages are advised to be careful around men, as they can pretend to be as gentle as a dove, yet, their viciousness can be as lethal as a lion’s.

Furthermore, men around the world have given women little reason to see why trust should be given to them. Women believe that it is just a matter of time before the breeze blows and their secrets will be revealed.

Cheating as regards women might be psychological with so many reasons attached. But, in the case of men, what could be the reason for male infidelity? What are the women not doing right that leads to the hurt, embarrassment, and degradation they receive from their spouse or partner?

Reasons Why Men Cheat 

1. Fun

A lot of men out there just like women seek fun and adventure. These sets of men don’t consider their emotions, or the emotions of others they are toiling with. 

Oftentimes, it could be that their spouse is too stiff or boring for them to tolerate. Hence, instead of looking for a way to spice their current relationship they go out in search of more thrilling rides and fun.

2. So-called ‘Respect’

Respect as a reason for male infidelity is played out in two ways. First, men who aren’t receiving enough respect and honor from their wives at home, are likely to drift towards another woman, who gives them a full load of respect in return for something greater. 

On the other hand, some men claim that they can’t engage in certain acts with their wives because of the respect they have for them. Therefore, they find girls who are not their wives to engage in such activities with.

3. Uphold Their Status

Yep, you heard right! A lot of men have been deemed by their friends as strong men and so to keep the belt of the reigning champion, they have to conquer more. 

In other words, the more women they move around with, the more respect their so-called friends accord them. Sadly, they aren’t aware that such a lifestyle can make one lose focus in life and live a life that isn’t worthy of positive reference.

 Also, some believe having numerous sexual partners makes them feel like a man— As the saying goes, boys will be boys, men will be men. 

4. Relationship Issues

Relationship issues are often the reason why men cheat on their spouses without feeling remorse about their actions. Men among other things are human too and have feelings. So, if they feel Imbalance or unhappy in their current relationship, they might also see the need to get the balance from somewhere else— This results in external affairs.

5. Sexually Starved

Men and love making are intertwined when compared to other aspects of their lives. Hence, it’s a severe punishment to deprive a man of sexual intercourse, it’s very terrible and could lead him to cheat. 

Sadly, in some marriages, the woman feels comfortable depriving her husband love making because of one excuse or the other. This is a wrong way of punishing your man as you’re only giving him license to cheat.

6. Blurry Future

Male infidelity can be triggered when the future of the relationship isn’t certain. In other words, if a man doesn’t see a future with the woman he’s with, he can just keep doing what he wants, after all, he’s not going to end up with her. 

However, such a man should come out plain to the woman instead of flirting with her, and in the end, he disappoints her— Leaving her heartbroken and shattered!

7. Addiction

Being addicted to something makes a person powerless over that thing. Just the way hard drugs like marijuana and cocaine can become an addiction, sexual intercourse too can become addictive. 

In a relationship where a man is addicted to love making, always wanting it at all times can become a problem, especially when the woman isn’t able to meet up to his cravings. Therefore, such a man is likely to go out for extra bundles.

8. Tired of One Woman

It will amaze you to know that one of the reasons why men cheat is because they can’t stick with one partner for the rest of their life. Hence, they keep moving from one woman to another in a bit to satisfy their desires and have more fun. 

Also, some men tend to leave their current partner when they feel she is too old, less fun, and can’t satisfy their cravings anymore. This act can be tied to the myth that says, every man is liable to cheat because it’s embedded in their DNA.

9. Lack of Benefits

A vast majority feel women are the only gold diggers, in contrast to that ideology many men out there are gold diggers too! Some men stick to a particular woman, claiming to love her but in reality because of what she can bring to the table. 

Therefore, male infidelity begins to spring up when a woman’s table is empty, when she has nothing to offer, hence they find the next table and move.

10. Pregnancy

To some people, pregnancy is a valid reason why men cheat. However, that’s wrong, she is your wife, and the child she is carrying belongs to the both of you. Hence, the best you can do for your wife when she is pregnant is to be there for her and support her, instead of cheating on her. 

Yes, during pregnancy so many things about a woman change including her sexual performance. This can influence a man’s sexual experience and might cause him to cheat at such times, but it’s better if he withstands it and finds a way out with his wife— Go seek medical advice.

11. Indiscipline

A lot of men lack sexual discipline and as such, they are prone to cheating with multiple partners. This can be a bad state for a man as he is drawn to every female that crosses his path both single and married. 

They are easily seduced and can’t do anything to hold themselves. Perhaps, you find yourself in such a state don’t hesitate to go get either physiological or spiritual help before things get out of hand.


There can never be a befitting reason why men cheat. Sadly, some men deem cheating as noble as winning an Oscar award. Cheating is terrible and especially as a man, it is an act of self-degradation and losing one’s self-esteem. 

With this said, men should discard the myth that a man is born a cheat, or it is a DNA mishap, it is not! Cheating is terrible and hurtful, and nobody deserves it. It is better to end the relationship than cheat. Cheers to the men who don’t cheat and to the ones who will stop cheating.


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