13 Shocking Reasons Why Women Cheat on Their Partner

Updated: Mar 29, 2023
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On a daily basis, we get to hear stories of how men cheat, and a lot of people capitalize on the fact that these men cheat. It has now become a trend. But women? Do we believe they are saints and incapable of cheating? 

Over the years, it has become known to the world that our dearly beloved women also cheat. However, why women cheat seems to be an issue of debate because they are good at it as though an inner force drives them.

Moreover, they are also good at hiding it from the men and people around them. There are a few people that can detect when a woman is cheating.

What is Cheating?

Cheating can be viewed as an act of deception or trickery. It could also be seen as being unfaithful or adulterous with one’s partner. Cheating is a very big sin in the eyes of every religion and the world in general. This is why a lot of people hide while cheating or feel shame when they are caught in the act of cheating.

Stealth is a word that could be used to describe women who cheat because it is rare for them to get caught. This is the more reason why women cheat, similarly why people become wary of women. 

Sadly, a woman could be having an affair with two friends unknowing to both men. Someone once said cheating as regards women is mainly psychological.

Women are created to be pampered and they are seen as weaker vessels, therefore, they should be handled with care. If this is true of the female gender, why do women cheat? This is what we would be finding out in this article— Stay tuned!

Why Do Women Cheat?

1. Attention

Interestingly, a woman would not cheat on a man that would give her the attention she feels she deserves. Women by nature love to be noticed and cared for like they are the only being on planet Earth or in a man’s life.

As earlier established, women are made to be pampered and protected and so when they feel the man no longer has an interest in them, they could go out. Why? In search of the person that would give them what they seek — attention.

2. Money

Perhaps you are still wondering why do women cheat? One of the many reasons is money! The vast majority will agree with the fact that some women leave their men because they are broke. 

This set of women with the money attitude are selfish and desire the finer things in life so they go in search of them. Surprisingly, they wouldn’t go for silver or bronze rather Gold.

3. Pay Back/ Retaliation

The above point can’t be overlooked. What better way can you repay a man for his wrong deeds than using his woman? This act sets a man on fire and distorts his daily activities. In other words, most men value their women and don’t joke with them.

Therefore, if you annoyed your woman as a man, just go and apologize. Failure to fix things on time is reason why women cheat in order to pay back.

4. Sexual Issues

This is pivotal in every union and often Influences the happiness in a marriage. Oftentimes, when a man isn’t meeting up the sexual expectations of his woman, there is a high tendency she might want to break off and try another opinion— Cheating.  

This might be a justified reason why women cheat but it is wrong and could wreck your marriage, it becomes more dangerous when there are kids in the marriage.

5. Fun/Excitement

Ah! Everybody loves to have fun. Some women just want to play around and probably make up for the boredom they’re experiencing in their relationships.

Hence, they are in a relationship with a man that bore them out because he takes care of their needs, at the same time, having sexual affairs outside with someone they feel is fun to be with.

6.  No Effort

This is when a woman feels the man isn’t putting enough effort in their relationship or probably to achieve a particular goal(s). 

This can be a frustrating state for a woman, gradually she gets overburdened by all the relationship needs while the man isn’t contributing. 

Oftentimes, such men show off a nonchalant attitude and rarely listen to the woman. Therefore, out of frustration, they move on to find someone who will put in the work.

7. Searching for Something New

Truth be told, there’s a certain joy, attraction, and excitement that comes with something new. This is what some women want to search for. 

So, instead of leaving their present relationship, they just add something else to the cart. Therefore, why do women cheat? For the quest for something different from what their current relationship is giving them.

However, this approach will never satisfy their curiosity because no man has all the good attributes hence, there is a high tendency they keep adding more men to their cart. You should make up your mind as a woman and stick with the one your heart beats for.

8. The Thrill

It will amaze you to know that some women view cheating as a game, so they engage in it actively just to brag about it. To them, cheating seems like an adventure and yes, there are thrills to these adventures. That’s all some women want, more like a game to them— Just keep playing until you run out of lives!

 Sincerely, this is no way to be living as a woman, because you only end up damaging your emotions and that of the men who dated you genuinely. In addition, promiscuity is the fastest route to contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

9.  Ex-Syndrome

Oh yes! This happens. Some women still have an attraction to their ex even while in a new relationship, so, they just find themselves going back. Some might even think they’re over him but then, if they probably get to encounter him privately, they might just fall again.

This could be the reason why women cheat on their men. Perhaps you find yourself in the web of ex-syndrome, don’t keep it to yourself, it could be dangerous. In contrast, tell your husband about it and let both of you figure a way out, if truly he loves you, he would be eager to help.

10. Lack of Intensity/Force

Although very rare, some women prefer men that are rough with them and so if there’s no force, they want no part in it. 

This might be due to the orientation they’ve gotten in the past, especially the type of home she grew up in— The type of relationship that existed between her father and mother. 

Women with this type of mindset need to seek therapeutic help to break free because it isn’t a healthy way of living.

11. Lack of Interest

Why do women cheat? Lack of interest causes a woman to cheat. She might not want to just walk away from the current relationship, so it won’t appear as though she is at fault or doesn’t want the relationship to forge ahead. In response to this, she’ll just cheat and keep causing nuisance so the relationship can end.

12. No Future/Prospective

If one doesn’t see a future or a need to be with another, the person should leave the relationship rather than hurt the other one involved. Sadly, some women will hurt the man they are with by cheating on them, and in the end, they still leave— All in the name of ‘I don’t want to marry him out of pity’.

13. Lack of Love

Love is needed in every relationship because it’s the basis of love that one can sacrifice for the happiness of their partner and the relationship. Love is the factor that Influence other aspect of a relationships

Therefore, when there’s no more love, some women just go ahead and do whatever they want, because they don’t feel anything anymore for the man they are currently dating.


In the long run, cheating is bad and will forever be bad irrespective of the valid reason why women cheat— No reason or excuse is ever good enough to justify the act itself. 

Cheating is a choice that people decide to go through knowing full well it will hurt the other person. Even though cheating has become normal in our society, we should stand against it as it is killing the core of humanity and relationships.


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